The Journey Begins

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I hope that today finds you well and my posts are informative and inspiring to all those who happen to read give my site a gander. A little about me I, like so many of you reading, am looking to be financially free to enjoy life and shed the dreaded nine to five grind that sucks away our free time. I look to rid myself of the political squabbles of coworkers, the feel of doing things that become repetitive, and the frustration of lurching from one corporate crisis to another. I want to experience live on my terms, not what is the latest direction from senior leaders or irritated customers. So knowing that I wanted to achieve this I started reading online musings from some more accomplished individuals that have achieved their dream of financial freedom.
It all started with me happening to stop by and having the revelation that it was only six years off for me. I really started thinking about it in 2015 when I saw that my investments had eclipsed the $250,000 mark and I started to wonder what it would take to give me a chuck of change to be able to start thinking about getting out of the rat race. I then started to play with his blog role and found that there was this amazing, supportive, vibrant community out there that was closely knit and that rooted for their peers to earn and invest money into ways that would allow them to meet their goals. I started reading voraciously as I not only enjoyed the content, but found that the people who were contributing shared not only their financial wins, but their heartfelt emotions and life experiences. I started to hit sites daily for updates and found myself disappointed when there wasn’t because of the truly inspired writers I had started following. I quickly found myself following individuals such as not for his financial posts, even though I thoroughly enjoyed them, but for his Thursday rants because of the hilarity and relate ability of them. Something to always be said about the $600 Armani ugly Christmas sweater that makes me wonder why these people are throwing away money on something that they could literally pick up at Goodwill for $5.00 and help someone out at the same time.
So on and on it went and I started playing with retirement calculators allowed me see how my current course I was a guaranteed millionaire if I kept putting money away like I was, but that was going to be more than a decade away. Not something that is a long time in the scope of life, but a long time with the amount of time you have to dedicate to it in order to enjoy freedom when you are older. I like to think that retirement should be like growing up again in the sense that when your eight your priorities are eat, go play, read a book, meet up for a play date, and then go to bed when your parents tell you. With retirement it’s much the same way, except mom isn’t telling you it’s bedtime at 8:00. Financial freedom is much the same way in my opinion, without the rules set by parents. You get the time to experience what you want to and not dedicating your time to something you may not enjoy fully or that challenges you intellectually as a person.
So inspired by those other internet financial freedom I have started my own journey into being free here and am using this as my way to keep myself honest and accountable.  One of the things that we hear about consistently is making compound interest work for you and that time is your best friend in growing your net worth and providing that freedom we all strive for. When thinking about it this way and the compounding factor I realized that this was how I would derive the name for this blog.For those of us without seven figure incomes I think we take a different approach. I’m still the person that sees a penny and picks it up, not sure I understand the mentality of it’s just a cent so whatever I’ll just ignore free money or it’s not worth my time to take two second to grab it. Maybe it’s the frugal in me, but I think of how I can push that into my investment accounts and purchase just a little bit more time back for my future self. It’s this mentality and understanding that dividends are just the change that a company is willing to give its shareholders that I will end up using to make it hail as I rain nickels and dimes that will turn into dollars every month eventually letting me step away from the working world and enjoying the pursuits I truly enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to sharing the journey and interacting with all of you. I wish you and yours well in your journey to financial freedom.


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