January Passive Income Pursuit

So this is my first post analyzing my passive income stream from dividends and to understand this I have three accounts.  In many respects I was very lucky when I was younger as I had always contributed the maximum I could to my roth IRA.  This has allowed me to build up a six figure nest egg that will mitigate taxes in my retirement days (hopefully sooner rather than later!) and I believe that this will be especially important given the nature of our national debt.  I also have a rollover IRA from a previous employer and an investment account that is taxable which is really where I am going to gauge my financial freedom from a sooner rather than later perspective.  So let’s break things down by account.

Roth IRA Investment Total
January 254.41 13.47 173.35 441.23

So January my passive income totaled $441.23 with  39% of it coming in my taxable portfolio.  This is a $113.73 increase over January of last year for me which is a fantastic increase of 34.73% increase since last year!  That’s the power of continued investment and dividend raises.  I break out the three accounts, but I really want to focus on my investment account as this is the one that is going to allow me to ride of into the proverbial sunset sooner rather than later.  At 36 years old I have just shy of 30 years for the traditional retirement age which is a LONG time for someone who wants to enjoy life on their terms.  Therefore I need this account to really be the one that drives the bus for me so that I can retire before 2046.  Yeah that’s a long way off isn’t it.  I supposed we’d be in the Marvel phase twenty by then being that they have their movies planned out until 2023 right now.  So we’d probably see three new Iron Man’s before I could retire…  Yeah that’s somewhat depressing

So where did the $173.35 come from in January in my non-retirement accounts?

1/11 – PM- $56.53

1/11 – MO – $75.65

1/12 – MDLZ – $1.40

1/18 – STAG – $12.41

1/26 – GE – $27.36

Five companies gave me a secondary paycheck from my weekly work schedule which is outstanding.  This is an increase over the $152.55 in the same month last year.  The overall value of this account stands at $43, 561.38 at the end of January 2017.

Ok now that we have that current push to retire I’ll take a gander at my Roth IRA and traditional IRA which was a rollover from a previous employer.

My rollover netted me a total of $13.47 from Baxter, this is almost $6 less than the same account last year, but Baxter split into two companies and the other half ended up being acquired by Shire  PLC which has a different dividend schedule and I still own it, but I need to look into whether or not I want this exposure as I don’t know enough about the company still.

My Roth is where my dividends really added up to push the income as it accounts for over 50% of my passive income.

1/3 – BAC – $86.04

1/17 – WPC – $53.25

1/17 – O – $34.10

1/18 – VER – $81.02

This is a 63.22% increase from last year, $155.87 in 2016, at this time which is pretty darn terrific in my opinion and a heck of a step in the right direction.  I doubt I’ll be able to emulate that again in 2018, but it’s quite a nice jump for me.

How did you all do with your pursuit to freedom?


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