February Passive Income Pursuit

Happy March everyone!  Pretty soon those of you in the Northern states will start to hear birds chirping again, experience those sunny day BBQs, and generally start jumping at the chance to get outside.  Back in my hometown of Chicago they have had a pretty tepid winter, to the point of where they have their first recorded history in the last 140 years where they did not have any measurable snow in January or February.  So there were days in the 60s where they were out and about and even in shorts, which is unheard of.  That’s just another winter day down here in Phoenix, but while you guys are gearing up for spring, we’re gearing up to hunker down in the AC or in the water from the heat.

So let’s take a jump into my passive income this past month, first and foremost I’m going to focus on my investment portfolio as this is truly the one that will allow me to leave the rat race when I choose and not when an arbitrary forty years in the workforce has passed.  But before we do let’s look at the overall total of $482.93 which is an increase of 33.06% from my passive returns in 2016.  Not a bad way to start the year off with a 34% and 33% increase in back to back months, got to love those numbers.

Roth IRA Investment Total
February 185.08 66.93 230.92 482.93

It’s always fantastic to get paid for having the work that others do for you and I lucky to have has some fantastic payers this month in my investment account.  This month i had four companies pay me to hold onto them with a couple being dividend stalwarts that consistently raise their payout.  This is a big month for this account as it is the majority of my dividends and represents my way to be financially free sooner than later, in fact my investment account accounted for 47.82% of my dividends for the month of February!  Here’s a list of the companies that paid me in February:

T – 2/1 – $49.00

VZ – 2/2  – $45.30

OHI – 2/16 – $124.06

STAG – 2/16 – $12.56

My next account is my rollover IRA, which didn’t do a whole heck of a lot of lifting thus far in the year.  Luckily I have a feeling next check in it will be able to show a little more work on the dividend front.  Just two companies paid me a dividend in February, but that’s ok it’s all part of the snowball that will eventually roll to be big enough where it won’t need the same push it needs now.  While it also doesn’t look like a lot, it’s a 43.57% increase over the prior year driven by Citigroup being allowed to increase their dividend off the ground floor of a penny.

AAPL – 2/16 – $42,89

C – 2/24 – $24.04

Finally we get to the Roth IRA, this account is my second largest account after my 401k which I don’t actively manage and a large reason for that is some calculated risks.  If you head over to my portfolio page you can probably guess when and where I took some calculated risks and what sector.  This account had four stocks that paid dividends for me.

T – 2/2 – $76.36

KMI – 2/16 – $51.68

O – 2/16 – $35.56

C – 2/27 – $21.58

Overall not all that shabby considering that this was a month in this account, but it was also a 0.22% decrease over the prior year.  Something I need to look into because I haven’t sold anything in this account this past year, nor have I purchased instead building up some funds to invest in some larger companies in my next batch of bigger purchases.

2017 is shaping up nicely, I’ve almost crossed the $1000 mark in the first two months of the year with a total thus far of $924.16 so by this time next year I’d be surprised if I don’t actually cross that threshold.  What’s even better is the end of the first quarter tends to be higher for me so March should be a good month and put me above the $500 a most average which would be fantastic.  I need to start thinking about next steps because as of the writing of the article the DOW has just climbed over the 21,000 point mark and I’m not sure if we’re in the irrational exuberance phase of the market, or if this thing is just going to have Reagan-esque returns.  Either way keep on plugging away and building your passive streams!



4 thoughts on “February Passive Income Pursuit

  1. Very nice dividend stream coming in, congrats on that!
    The only part I don’t like is paying taxes on dividend income since it’s tax season now, :-(. Are you in a dividend reinvestment plan with your brokerage?
    By the way, it looks like we have some of the same holdings….great minds think alike!


    1. Ha thank you sir! And I don’t mine the dividends now because I want the financial flexibility to leave the working world when I want to too. Considering the fact that I still have 30 or so years until conventional retirement age I want the ability to live choose to leave earlier if I can. Thanks for the comment!


  2. A solid start to 2017 indeed. Great results for Feb. from some very common and solid dividend payers in their respective spaces. Keep it going. Look forward to your March totals!


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