Money Saving Tip #3 – Cut your cords

Hello, my name is Duncan and I am a television and movie fanatic, yes I have a problem…

I’ll be the first to admit, I love having the TV on in the background at home at almost all times.  There’s something comforting about hearing human voices and things happening around them for me and I think a lot of it stems from my childhood.   I grew up in a house hold where the thing to do at night after a long day was to watch TV together, play some board games, and talk about the day.  Even as I grew up more and continued to age, it became standard for me to have it on in the background so even if I’m only paying attention to it 10% of the time, it’s a comfort factor.  Some people have the radio, I have the television.  So as you can imagine, for someone who relies on it as a comfort noise, cutting the cord can be difficult.

We have so many entertainment options out there these days that it literally can get to the point where people are discussing shows on TV that you’ve never heard of and that you can’t even identify with.  There are channels dedicated to basically every single niche out there and on top of that there are channels that are duplicative of  each other.  Even though I’ve almost always have it on in the background ad usually CNBC when I had cable during the day and working from home, I have to admit the number of shows that people are truly passionate about that I’ve never heard of is unbelievable.

So as you can imagine cutting the cord was extremely difficult for me to do, but I took the plunge as I was spending over $100 on cable and internet a month with Cox and I’m now saving an extra $40 a month.   $40 sounds like a minimal amount until you start thinking about it and it’s really $40 x 12 month = $480 plus the applicable taxes on the services.  This is basically an extra $500 in saving a year that I have opened up to additional investments and allows me to build my snowball to freedom all that much quicker.   To really understand this, I have just invested the equivalent of $16,000 at a 3% dividend return on investment.  So overnight I basically just invested the equivalent of approximately 1/3 of the average American family’s income!  That’s amazing, crazy, and awesome all at the same time.

So what have I done to replace my beloved television and get the creature comfort noise in the background?  First I went and got a high definition antenna.   These things are seriously under rated, I am getting most of the sporting events I want to see, Final Four, Superbowl, etc. I get to watch in crystal clear high definition.  I don’t need to have cable to watch many of the other must see events that I want to watch.  There’s always the internet for that and I have a smart TV that if I really want to watch it I can find it.  The funny thing is the longer I go without, the less I miss them.  The other avenue I am using is a severely under rated resource, your local library.  I find that I can reserve and check out DVDs for a week and while I’m subject to when other people turn them in, it’s not the end of the world and I still get to watch those shows that everyone talks about.  I’m a sucker for The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and other Sci Fi nerdathon shows that are starting to become more mainstream.

How many of you out there have cut the cord?  What have you replaced you viewing habits with.


One thought on “Money Saving Tip #3 – Cut your cords

  1. I’m close to doing this myself. My friend has a digital TV antenna at his home and he says he gets many of the local channels (which are the ones I watch anyway). I have Netflix already so there is no reason for me to not cut cable….and then possibly increase my internet speed. Congrats on your savings!


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