Stupid Product of the Week

I love living in a nation where we have the choice on what we spend out money on,  for me I value experiences, great food and beverages, book, and other little things that aren’t crazy expensive.  I am the opposite of what most companies want from a consumer.  Luckily for those companies there are people out there that will purchase loads of garbage because they think it makes them look cool, trendy, or fashionable.

Welcome to the first installment of stupid product of the week.

Look the dog ate my shoe!

This my friends is the dumbest product I could possibly see myself spending money on that I found this week.  It literally could be any shoe that any old dog out there got a hold of and decided it looked tasty.  What it actually is, is a Maison Margiela Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker.  This Italian born sneaker is from a pioneer in the avant-garde fashion, no idea what that means, but basically this designer looks to define luxury under new terms.  So apparently all those shoes I’ve had that I’ve worn through I should have been dressing up with them and calling it fashion rather than I’ve worn out the life of the product.  Not only is this product completely destroyed and will permanently make you look either homeless and unable to afford actually big person shoes, this item will put you back a pretty penny as well.  The product is on sale at Neiman Marcus, which I believe be definition is the equivalent of shopping at Goodwill based on the product at hand, and can be had for a relatively inexpensive $1425.00.  Don’t believe me?  I wouldn’t either without checking here, go ahead I’ll wait I mean there’s no way that this a real product right?

I’ve never been super trendy, but I can dress myself.  However, I haven’t actually ever seen someone wear anything like this in public, but apparently this is fashionable in ways I’ll never understand. To me this is just one of the dumbest products that I’ve ever seen available to the public and while I love living in a nation where one can spend money on whatever they want, I have to question people’s purchases when I see stuff like this.  To put it in perspective for us savvy DGI folks, this is the equivalent of having $50,000 invested throwing off a 3% yield and that still might not cover the taxes and shipping of these gloriously overpriced sneakers.  Stay fashionable friends!


3 thoughts on “Stupid Product of the Week

    1. Yeah I thought the same way, I mean let’s face it this is basically insert show into wood chipper and sell online for insane pricing. The funny thing is if I wore a shoe like that that got there naturally those same people would judge me for it.

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