Throwback Thursday – Growing up 80’s

I think one of the first things I have noticed with the financial freedom crowd is we are dominated by those who grew up in what I consider the last disconnected generation before we went full on information overload.  I consider myself blessed to have been in this generation, we had so many cool, fun, and amazing inventions that showed up in our childhood and it was definitively the best decade of cartoons out there.  I mean honestly, have you guys checked the stuff on Saturday mornings lately?  What happened to the amazing shows we had?  Heck they even managed to bastardize some of the best characters that we had. Even when they tried to remake some of them they just felt wrong.

I will be the first to admit Thundercats was my favorite show and the remake just didn’t feel right to me.  At least they didn’t screw them up too much even though Lion-O looks kinda wimpy.

In a look back through nostalgia I thought I would deviate from financial freedom to delve into what the 80’s brought us that we take for granted today.

Cell Phones


Yep that used to be the cool new tech on the block.  I can remember my dad using one of these to book hotels as we drove from Chicago to Lake Tahoe.  This was the most amazing tech at the time and that brick he had felt like it weighed five pounds.  No joke on that either.  We now have small computers in our pocket but the 80’s gave us portability.  Whether that’s a good thing or bad things these days leaves much to be debated.

Personal Computers


In 1984 Apple dropped a bomb on the world with the personal computer, until now they were just giant bulky machines that took up whole rooms.   Apple started what allows us to write and blog so easily back in the 80’s.  While this invention was fantastic and I love it, it did do irreparable damage to my handwriting as current credit card machines make me look like a spastic toddler when signing for anything.

Compact Discs


This revolutionized so many things with such a simple circle.  No more tapes or records, although the later is staging a comeback, and no flipping.  Everything was just on one side and read by a laser, how can you not make that sound cool.

Doppler Radar


Who doesn’t like knowing how bad a storm is and if that cantaloupe sized hail is going to dropping on you…

Life was arguably simpler in the 80’s and it brought some amazing technological innovations at the time.  What were your favorite parts growing up?


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Growing up 80’s

    1. Ha yeah I’m planning on Throwback Thursday sticking around. Totally going to hit on some of those topics, but I decided to start small. I’m thinking I’ll hit four items each time I write one 🙂


  1. Although I was born in 1986, and probably remember more of the 90’s, I feel blessed to be part of this generation too! Cartoons were definitely better and I remember my dad getting some of the early cell phones as well. Those early cell phones and those Palm Treo day planners were what got me interested in tech in the first place. Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately in relation to this topic is how different the work force is now. Prior to the mobile explosion, even day to day work life was much different. Now, there’s group chats and Facebook and all theses different factors to consider – cell phones at work, internet usage at work etc. I literally remember when none of this existed. Anyways, thanks for sharing the nostalgic post!


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