Who do you compare yourself to?

I’ll be honest, I love games and I look at the financial freedom community as a collective group of individuals who are uber supportive, but all playing the same game.  Who can get to financial freedom first.  It’s a fun game because all you people out there are fantastic individuals and those I’ve interacted with are both genuinely nice and genuinely wanting to help inspire others to do their best and make it to financial independence.  So I am constantly comparing myself to all you fantastic people out there and where we are on our journey.

To start I like to always stop by those who are earlier in their journey than I am myself and I make it a point, no matter how little the income, to offer words of encouragement and explain how quickly it will add up if they keep at it.  I also look at those who are way ahead of me such as Mr. Tako Escapes who is trying to hit the $52,000 mark in dividends this year.  These are the inspirational tales I like to see and hear about.

However, I think what I truly compare myself to is somewhat closer to home.  I grew up in a relatively affluent area in Chicago and was what I would define as privileged in my adolescence.  My dad was the president of a company that designed Happy Meal toys as I grew up.  Definition of awesome growing up in the 80’s, I got to eat McDonald’s and get the toy and I got to see the toys before they hit the market many times.  Honestly how could you not be excited getting New Food Changeables, the fast food equivalent of Transformers in the 80’s!

Yep McRobots….Awesome

With that being said and without noting their net worth, I carry on the journey of not only trying to be fiscally independent early, but also comparing myself to what my parents were able to accomplish.  My father did very well in his career and was able to retire at 50 before it was really a thing and do so to live a very comfortable life these days.  I constantly compare where he was at by 50 to where I am at at 36 and seeing if I can match it before then.  I don’t have the same career track as he does even though I’m in management, but I’m definitely not running an organization which would probably allow many of our DGI friends to retire after a year or two given current salaries at larger organizations.

Whoever you compare yourself to I believe that it breeds a healthy internal competition in oneself that helps to fuel the drive because success does breed more success.  Who do you compare yourself to?  Does it help drive you to be even more dedicated?




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