Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is my nod to all of us 80’s kid to pull in some nostalgia that I’m sure many of us financial freedom pursuers will recognize.  Today will be a homage to some of the great, and sometimes creepy, 80’s television shows that we got the privilege to enjoy growing up in the 80’s.

The Joy of Painting

download (1)
Bob Ross

Who doesn’t remember Bob Ross?  The Joy of Painting was a 30 minute show that focused on a man with a blank canvas, a really awesome afro, and time to get his paint on while talking to kids.  Literally we sat around and watched paint dry for 30 minutes while listening to this man speak.  Who would have guessed how engrossing drying paint could be?

Reading Rainbow

LeVar Burton

Who can forget Reading Rainbow, a show dedicated to us getting our read on….on television.  Ah the ironies of he 80’s.  Another 30 minute show that centered on one theme from a book an episode and explored the theme with short stories throughout the episode.  Here’s the them song on YouTube, tell me you don’t remember all the words.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Fred Rogers

Ah Mr. Rogers, classic 80’s television at its finest.  Who didn’t enjoy visiting his neighborhood as this kindly old gent talked us through a number of issues such as arts, crafts, or music.  Then we got the bonus of jumping on a trolley to visit his neighborhood of make believe and interact with all those fine creepy little puppets.  Won’t you be my neighbor?

Bozo the Clown


Ah everyone’s favorite clown, besides Ronald McDonald, from this time frame.  Bozo and Cooky led the show with comedy sketches, cartoons, and my personal favorite Bozo Buckets.  Who doesn’t have fond memories of watching a five year old miss a bucket three inches from their ankles.  Pretty sure it was the precursor of beer pong for many of us college kids.

Looking back we had such a different version of childhood than the current generations do.  We had puppets instead of CGI.  Books instead of tablets.  Seriously we watched a dude paint on TV instead of create things virtually in Minecraft these days.  Which of these four was your favorite show from the 80’s?


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