May Passive Income Pursuit

Ah another month in the books and things are looking nice this year.  For most of the country spring was in full effect and people are starting to enjoy the great outdoors.  People are getting to experience the joys of playing in the sun, camping, hiking, and generally just enjoy being outside.  This is the inflection point in my world where living in Phoenix goes from fantastic to frickin’ hot.  Sometime in the month of June I’ll start to experience a phenomenon that you really have to experience to understand.  Soon while most of you fellow readers are enjoying the outside, I’ll be out with my dog at 10:00 PM and my ankles will be hotter than my shoulders…because I’m on grass that bakes in the sun and is now resonating more heat back into the air.  It’s a dry heat, and before I moved to Phoenix I didn’t understand it, but it’s still weird walking on what is essentially now fire grass.  But hey it’s the price to live in an outdoorsy person’s paradise nine months of the year.

Now for a quick check in for my passive dividend income.  May continued the trend of about $500 a month in passive income.  In May I had $494.47 in dividends, which again is a pretty solid number and this isn’t typically in the past not a solid month for me. This month I am super excited on the year over year results in my investment accounts.

My investment account is the one I’m super excited to see the changes in.  Last year in May I pulled in $108.88 in passive income.  This year I’ve pulled in $236.13 in May!  This is a 116.87% increase since last year in my investment account which is amazing.  I didn’t even realize that I had set myself up to have this kind of increase with my investments, but it’s fun to be pleasantly surprised.  The income came from:

T – $49.00

VZ – $45.85

STAG – $12.74

OHI – $128.54

My IRA is not a big money maker for me as I pulled in $71.44.  I’m not set up to really grab a whole lot of income in this account, but it’s good to see it growing 41.75% year over year.

AAPL – $47.40

C – $24.04

Finally my Roth pulled in $186.90, which is down from $199.39 or 6.26% decline.  This stems from HCP spinning off QCP which I’m still waiting to see what the company is all about.

T – $77.27

O – $36.02

KMI – $51.97

C – $21.64

This was usually a light month, but my investment account really helped out with a massive increase in this account.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of this year plays out.  I was hoping to see some increase dividends from my banking friends, both C and BAC are on stronger financial ground and if they start to raise their dividends commensurate with interest rate increases I’ll have significant dividend gains.  Overall this year I’ve hit $2533.11 in passive income putting me on pace for just over $6000 in dividends, but next month is a heavy hitter for me and I also deployed a lot of capital in the last couple months.  I’m close to on target for hitting $7000.  How was everyone else’s dividend streams in May?



2 thoughts on “May Passive Income Pursuit

  1. Good job what an increase. cant beat that most likely. BAC probably wont pay out till AUG-Sep like last year after the bank check thing goes through. im hoping at least a 5 cent a quarter but some are expecting more mosst likely .025 or something. Keep up the good work


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