What a long strange month it’s been

For those few that tend to pop by this little corner of the internet, you’ve noticed June has basically been a dark month for the site with little new content or updates.  That’s mostly because I haven’t been around home much and when I was I was the very definition of sick.  Nothing says how bad you feel like a neighbor telling you that you look like death.  Yep good times.  So what’s been going on this month?

I started June with a whirlwind of travel with a brief break to come home.  I started June up in Chicago for a team meeting.  For those who don’t know I’m from Chicago so this was a fantastic trip for me to visit and see friends and family while traveling on the company dime.  Since I don’t get up to Chicago as frequently as I’d like to I went on a content hiatus that week thinking that I would get home and get my creativity on with some articles that weekend.  I got back to Phoenix late Friday night, way to tired and annoyed with the gentleman next to me who was a bit fluffier than the airline chair was prepared for so I sat at about a 30 degree angle for the four hour flight pressed up against the bulkhead.  If that doesn’t sound uncomfortable to you then you have not flown enough….

Back in sunny Phoenix I decided I would take Saturday and enjoy the weather since it’s warm, but still relatively pleasant for the most part to start June.  Totally enjoyed the day, hung out with some neighbors, played with the heavy things at the gym, and then went outside and read by the pool.  All totally relaxing things for me. Waking up Sunday and I needed to get the name of the freight train that hit me.  I was sick, like 102 degree fever sick.  The worst part of it, I had a week of meetings that I could not miss the first two days of for sure.  God bless the makers of Dayquill and ibuprofen, without you I would have not been able to even make it into the office, let alone be able to run a two day meeting.

Ah Wednesday, sweet sweet Wednesday, sick day at home with the dog, movie time, and general relaxation.  This was the last day I had a 101.8 degree fever.  Luckily for me if finally broke at about 8 PM that night since I was flying out the following morning to head back to Chicago for friends, family, and my yearly Super Spartan race.

Who here has flown while uber congested?  I mean the type of leaky faucet for a nose, can’t quite get that feeling there’s something in your lungs congested.  It’s not fun.  In fact I’m pretty sure that it racks up there with the rack and pinion kind of torture with the altitude changes, being crammed into a steel tube with no way to relieve the pressure kind of experience.  I’m not claustrophobic, a least not that I’ve ever experienced, but sitting in that window seat with a very large gentleman next to me that prohibited some of my movement due to his girth, really set in the claustrophobic in me.  I’ve never experienced that trapped feeling until that moment.  So long story short, it was not a fun four hour flight.

Friday was a lay low, hang out with a few friends and try to get ready for the eight to ten miles of fun I’d have running a race knowing I’d still be ill.  Still it was fun, I hung out with some friends and their kids that I hadn’t seen for a few months and got to watch a movie with them.  Nothing super exciting, but enough action for the somewhat tired version of me.

Saturday hits and as I’m getting ready for the race I notice that my Vibram Five Finger shoes have developed a hole in the big toe from the last race.  Not a great start to the day.  For all of you who don’t know, Vibram are basically shoes shapes like feet.865516

So the hole was on my right foot and was about the size of my big toe and in that same location.  So fun problem to have…  So being sick, with a partial shoe, I ran the race.  I finished in the top 10% of the overall finishers in the  open heat, not too bad, and definitely not as bad as I thought being that I’m normally about the top five to seven percent.  So some marked slow down, but then not as much as I thought.

The next day I flew back home to Phoenix, only to dump my suitcase and repack to head out less than 12 hours later to hit up Spokane, WA.  I spent what was a very scenic time in Spokane, I love the rolling hills and all of the pine trees up there as well as the scenic trails and lake. This was a fun trip to a local I had not been before. I spent a hectic week up there for work only to return home for a day and fly out to Orlando the following for work this week.  Needless to say it’s been a crazy month for me and one that’s left me limited time to dedicate to the blog.

One of the hardest things about traveling extensively is adapting to different time zones and that’s one that’s left me perpetually exhausted, especially coupled with a bout of illness midway through the month.  I’m looking forward to the week of the fourth for a few days off to recharge and rest to catch up on sleep deprivation and to get back to normal.

So thank you all for checking in on the blog and me.  I appreciate all the well wishes.  My next post will focus in on two big increase for me in dividend income of 60% and 100% increases respectively.  Have a great weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “What a long strange month it’s been

  1. Wow – that was quite the month. Sick plus traveling is a disastrous combination, I’ve done it before and it really, really sucks. I am happy to hear that you decided to unplug for a day and enjoy the nice weather outside. Too often we get caught up in trying to maintain our blogs that we let a beautiful day slip by without the proper attention. Then, when the weather turns, we look back and kick ourselves for missing out on so many great opportunities. Hopefully now that the month has turned and June is behind us, you will have a better July! Keep your head up and keep on chugging along.



    1. Thanks Bert! Yeah it was definitely a hectic month and I decided to take some me time even though I just started the blog. On the plus side I get to write about a record June in a post in the upcoming days so I have exciting things to talk about. Thanks for stopping by!


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