June Passive Income Pursuit

June was an interesting month for me.   I traveled a ton for work and pleasure, got sick as heck for a few days, and ran a Spartan Race that was just about eight miles while under the weather.  I didn’t get to post as much as I should/wanted to, but people stopped by nonetheless which I am truly grateful for.  The best part about June though was that it was a record breaking month for me at the midyear point.  I’ve been fluctuating around the $500/month mark for much of this year and typically don’t see numbers higher than that until December when my mutual funds throw off some of the long term capital gains funds at the end of the year.  However this past month I had $844.77 in passive income from dividends which is a record breaking June and monthly number all together from dividend payments.  I’m starting to see some of the benefits from the portfolio shift a couple months back and I’m definitely liking the outcome.

Starting with my Roth I pulled in $233.21 which is a 7.33% increase from last year in this account.  Nothing earth shattering, but still a nice increase that will outpace inflation given that I have not invested in anything in this account that pays in Just over and above some additional shares or O.  The dividends came from:

HCP – $29.22

O – $60.22

VWELX – $134.73

XLF – $6.53

XLRE – $2.51

My IRA also had a decent month throwing me $461.52 in dividends and as always this is one of the better months for this fund.  I  had my big oil lead the charge here with

BP – $95.37

RDSA/B — $150.58

VIG – 151.45

AIG – $64..72

Finally the fund that really gets me excited and makes me want to keep charging ahead is my investment account.  I’m hereby going to start calling it my Liberty Fund in correlation with the current holiday and what it will ultimately give me.  The Liberty fund actually had the best growth of all of my accounts and was the result of some earlier year moves that are now paying dividends for me later down the line (see what I did there :)).  In 2016 I had $36.22 in dividend income from Lady Liberty and it was definitely my worst month in the quarter in comparison to the others.  This month the fund had a whopping 312.99% increase over the prior year bringing it to $150.04.  Not a spectacular amount of money, but it’s a spectacular increase over the prior year that will ultimately allow me freedom sooner rather than later. Almost half of my increase came from XOM in and by itself, but I also had PFE pay out from earlier this year as well.  The payments came from:

PFE – $32.30

XOM – $77.00

KHC – $1.25

STAG – $12.79

XLU – $26.70

Overall I had a fantastic month with a 21.35% increase over the prior year.  This is amazing growth that will only fuel my returns to higher levels of dividend payouts in the future.  Here’s hoping that everyone had such stellar returns in their June investment portfolio and that you all had a fantastic holiday weekend for my friends in America and a great Tuesday for those abroad who I’m lucky enough to have visit.


16 thoughts on “June Passive Income Pursuit

  1. Looks like you had an awesome June. Congrats on hitting a record for the month. Looks like we had a few names in common paying us for the month. Keep building that passive income stream. You are on the right track!


    1. Thank you sir! It’s an awesome feeling seeing those numbers add up. I wish I had more clarity in my 401k to add it it, but the layout only shows while increase not what the breakdown is. It’s 125k of mystery dividends to me. Thanks for stopping by and following!

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  2. That’s an awesome year-to-year increase Duncan. I like the name Liberty Fund. I actually called the portfolio in my Capital One Investing account the Freedom Fund. Not very original I know, but I like the name. I’m thinking about doing the same for my overall portfolio on my blog.


  3. Congrats on the great month. A small increase is better than nothing as long as you are still increasing. I like the large position you have in O. Nice steady compounding income every month. Cheers!


  4. Wow you werent kidding. Fantastic month. Congrats on hitting that huge milestone especially when your previous record was 500.


    1. Thanks! Adding XOM, PFE, some more VIG, and finally some more O really pushed it this past month. I’m feeling pretty good since this will not be the good kind of repeat offended :)Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Ha thanks! I like them less now than I have in the past, but I think that they offer compelling dividends at the current valuations and have a long term track record of keeping them safe (mostly). Thanks for commenting!


  5. Well done on the current month. On your portfolio of 31 or so holdings, would you mind sharing what the approx average dividend yield percentage is, say 2016 then YTD 2017 as well as what you expect the year to finish with?

    Do you rotate your holdings much as well as ever buy or sell ‘option contracts’ on any of your positions?



  6. Pretty solid month on the dividend income side (guess you are really looking forward to December). Hope you are feeling much better already, hate being under the weather!


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