Throwback Thursday Knickknacks for Kids

Ah the 80’s, a time that was so much simpler and probably one of the greatest times to grow up since we had modern convenience, but were not so interconnected that we lived off smart phones.  We made plans with each other, played outside still, and were able to go to the park by ourselves without our parents as we were expected to go have fun and we would be OK out in the world as kids.  It was a glorious time for us to be growing up.  Whether it be the cartoons, original Nintendo (which is making a huge comeback), or toys we lived in what I still consider to be one of the most glorious decades to have been a kid.


Who doesn’t remember the craze that became slap bracelets, a super simple idea that you slap on your wrist and viola you’re wearing your very own bracelet.  They were fun, cool, and also 80’s style dangerous as they were built with a thin piece of metal that would curl around your wrist when you slapped it on yourself.  Everyone I knew loved these things growing up, even if the metal piece could actually be dangerous enough to break the protective coating and slice your wrist open.  We 80’s kids lived for danger and embraced them wholeheartedly.

Eraser Collection 02

Erasers were quite possibly the biggest collectible I can remember while I was in school and you weren’t cool unless you had a bunch in elementary school.  I can’t even remember what I had, but I know there were cars, animals, and other random objects that I had and that a trip to the teachers store always involved me trying to convince mom that I needed that super special eraser that I would never use, but that would be a key addition to my collection to showcase to the other kids.  I’m not sure what happened all the 80’s erasers out there, but I’m hoping that there isn’t a dedicated landfill to the rediculous number of them that were created and never used this decade.


Finally who can forget Teddy Ruxpin, the anamatronic bear that would read you stories and be your best friend.  I also think it even helped spawn a movie franchise of Ted which is a sadistic version of Teddy Ruxpin.  I know I could sit for hours with him and listen to him tell me stories, there was nothing like spending an afternoon searching for treasure with Teddy and Grubby.  All that fun did turn into horror when the bottom jaw broke off and Teddy still talked to me with his weird upper lip and no lower one.  To this day I fear bears with missing parts.

Who else has fond memories of these 80’s treasures?



One thought on “Throwback Thursday Knickknacks for Kids

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