Stupid product of the week

I love living in a nation where we have the choice on what we spend out money on,  for me I value experiences, great food and beverages, book, and other little things that aren’t crazy expensive.  I am the opposite of what most companies want from a consumer.  Luckily for those companies there are people out there that will purchase loads of garbage because they think it makes them look cool, trendy, or fashionable.

In our second installment of stupid product of the week I give you….Mud Jeans!


Yep for $425 you can buy a pair of jeans that look like you worked on a construction site all day, decided to go mudding, or simply lack the ability to wash your cloths for long periods of times.  These jeans have it all for the hipster that enjoys light cash on fire in order to achieve a look a long day outside would accomplish playing with one’s kids, doing yard work,  or any other of dozens of activities that involves actual involvement with the real world.

I like to think that I can dress myself and I understand what good looks like, I have come to realize classic good of a dress shirt and dress pants is no longer what is good, but how crazy you can get with fashion and what label you are wearing.  Clearly I have not been fashion forward because I get rid of my shoes before they turn into complete disasters and I actually am familiar with laundry detergent.  Has anyone actually met someone who has purchased a product like this in their lives?


7 thoughts on “Stupid product of the week

  1. Duncan, I guess I should not be surprised with what people are coming up with these days. I wouldn’t spend $25 on that jeans let alone $425. But, I’m sure a lot of people would spend that amount, which is why they are selling it. I think it’s official: I’m clearly out of fashion.


  2. I can do that for about €10, just buy a used pair of jeans at the local thrift store and then work in the yard for a couple of hours. A lot cheaper and much more productive too 😉


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