Robin Hood Investing

So I’m not usually one to highlight different investment platforms, but honestly I couldn’t think of a reason not to.  I ran across Robin Hood on another bloggers website and thought it was an interesting company, especially for those that are just starting out.  Basically the premise behind the company is that they allow you to trade for free.  No transaction fees, no account fees, and to the best of my knowledge no fees period.

This is interesting since every other past free trading website that I have known about has essentially failed.  Robin Hood makes money though by collecting the interest on the money that is in their users accounts, basically like a bank would through interest.  So the more money that people deposit, the more likely they are going to stay around.

The reason that I was truly interested in them is if you sign up you are given one free share.  It can range anywhere from Ford, Vereit, Sprint or if you are really lucky Apple or Facebook.  That’s a nice perk for just signing up even if you plan not to use the service.  When I signed up I picked up a free share of Vereit, a REIT I already own, but again free is free.

The link at the start of the article and again here are links that are referrals by me.  If you sign up we will both get a free share of something.  I would encourage you to, if you sign up, find the similar link with referral and do post it yourself as well since you can get that same benefit up to $500 worth of stock currently.  I’ll keep a list of additional stocks I get if people sign up to be completely transparent.  Here’s hoping if you do choose to roll the dice that you get an Apple or Facebook quality share for free!

My sign up: V

Other sign ups:


2 thoughts on “Robin Hood Investing

  1. I generally like Robinhood and it’s hard to argue with free trades. My main downside with using Robinhood is that they don’t allow fractional shares or reinvesting of the dividends. If they did both those things, more of my assets would be with Robinhood. Other than that though, the app is easy to use and definitely worth considering.


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