July Passive Income Pursuit

A bit delayed, but it’s time to get out my July passive income up and posted.  July was an active month for me, I purchased both NNN and T to up my payouts.  Unfortunately I missed the ex-dividend date for T, but that will pay dividends going forward for me and help to increase the snowball even more.  Dividends are definitely starting to add up for me and the snowball continues to keep getting bigger on me.  In July I pulled in $516.57 in passive  which is a 52% increase over 2016 where I had a passive income of $339.90.  Another amazing increase and honestly not one I saw coming since I don’t try to predict what my income is as that’s part of the fun of the journey.  I like seeing these numbers come up and give me that inspiration and they haven’t let me down yet.

My Roth was my heavy hitter this month generating $323.26 in passive income.  This was almost double at 98% increase year over year from 2016.  All I can say is wow because I can only deploy $5500 a year right now in this account so some of my earlier year movement in my accounts appears to be having a pretty positive overall impact for me.  This came from the following stocks:

BAC – $86.61

KO – $37.00

VER – $83.57

O – $60.58

WPC – $55.5

BAC didn’t pay me this month last year, I didn’t own KO and my O income doubled due to an increase purchase of shares earlier this year.  All in all a solid overall return in this account for me.  What’s interesting is that I didn’t even notice the BAC not paying this time last year because my June income was record setting for me.

My traditional IRA is always light the start of the new quarter and this month was no different.  BAX was my only payment here and it generated $16.58 in passive income.  In keeping with the spirit of numbers this was a 23% increase for me, but it’s a little hard to get excited with the $3 change.

Finally my investment account, basically my road to freedom.  In 2016 my investment account generated $163.47 and increased to $176.73 in 2017 for an 8% increase.  I missed out on the increase in income from AT&T this quarter so the income moved slightly, I look forward to seeing larger income changes in October to start the fourth quarter.

MO – $76.98

PM – $57.70

MDLZ – $1.40

STAG – $12.85

GE – $27.80-

Wow is all I can say, an increase over 50% since last year is incredible to me and with some of my other purchases I can see these numbers continuing to surprise and impress me.  August is shaping up nicely as well so I look forward to posting about it in a few days.  How was everyone else’s July?  Hoping everyone experienced some great growth!


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