Hello all and welcome to my corner of the pursuit to financial freedom. I’m a single guy who is 36 and trying to make it out of the rat race and into pursuits that I find more meaningful and enjoyable than my current occupation in the insurance industry.  For those of you who think insurance is boring, it is not and it gives you stories.  For a day in the life of working on the claims side of things please follow the link (note not safe language for work) showing a cartoon of what life is like working in the insurance industry.  When friends ask what I do this is the best example I can possibly give people.  Hopefully you appreciate the humor as it’s a little PG-13/R rated in language, but it is accurate.

Here at Duncan’s Dividends I want to help inspire others to free themselves from jobs that aren’t fulfilling and to transition into more meaningful life pursuits.  I’ve started this page on Valentines day in February as a way to hold myself accountable and also, as previously mentioned, inspire others.  What I have witnessed with the financial independence community is that they are extremely supportive so you dear readers are also the support for me to hold myself accountable as well.  I look forward to the journey with you all.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a saver, I’ve never actually had a single day of credit card debt that I have not paid off by the end of the month.  I bought my last car in February of 2016 and promptly paid it off by August.  I really, really don’t like debt and was able to start life off without it luckily due to some extremely wonderful parents who assisted with college, but also were savers themselves so helped instill the wisdom into my persona.  I can’t expound enough good things about the fantastic job they did raising me and I thank them every day for what they did while I was young.  I’m lucky I didn’t succumb to the extravagant lifestyle or party hardy days of many of my peers when I was in my 20s.

In college I was one of the rare people who actually took a personal finance class that taught people how to manage and grow money.  I wasn’t as focused as I could have/should have been, but I got the basics.  I invested early and often as I could, but to be honest I lacked focus  upfront.  I did however get the basic principle to invest as soon as you could and I contributed what I could from my first jobs.

I didn’t start off life working in a glorious job, in fact after college I ran a fast food restaurant for the better part of three years.  Running a McDonald’s is about as glamorous as it sounds, but it does teach some great life lessons about what it takes to succeed and how to run a business.  It’s also the only time I’ve been assaulted with a cheeseburger or threatened to have my thumbs broken over the increase of a senior cups of coffee by $0.01.  All in all though it was a good experience that I’m thankful for now as it helped propel me into find a much nicer and rewarding career.

Now I work in the insurance industry and have over a decade of stories that at times makes me want to put my head down because I am still challenged by some of the individuals I talk to and how they effectively function on any given day.  I’ll probably get around to sharing stories as I really can’t make some of the stuff up that I’ve been told or tried to help people out on.  Word to the wiser, the people in claims really just want to throw as much money at you as we can, it’s so much easier to pay people than it is to spend hours on the phone with them telling them no.  We HATE doing it, but it’s part of the role.

So on to my journey, I’ll be updating this regularly and sharing my progress, thoughts, and maybe even some sage advice.  I look forward to the ride with all of you through this bull and the next bear markets.  Happy reading and thanks for stopping by.