Cool Stuff I Dig

Yes I know I’m all about financial freedom and minimizing expenses, but from what I’ve learned by being on this earth is that sometimes you pay a little bit more to enhance the utility and longevity of the stuff you buy.

Iphones – I love windows PCs, couldn’t pay me to change over, but my phone is a different story.  I’ve had three versions of the phone and each one has been a fantastic toy for me.  They are well built, easy to use, and when I go to resell them they usually pay half of the version I’m upgrading to.  All this even when I’ve had some that were not fully functional when I sold them.  My 3GS would vibrate when you touched the corner towards the end and I still sold it for almost $150.


Lifetime Fitness – I’m super active, like the seven days a week kind of active.  I belong to what I would probably define as a super elite kind of gym from a cost and offering perspective.  I know I pay more than most people around me to go to this place, but honestly I’ve become a gym snob because of it.  The fact that I can go to it with most of my business travels makes it entirely worth it.  I’ve been to clubs in Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Arizona, South Caroline, New York, California, and Kansas since I’ve been a member.  While more expensive I’m totally up for spending it since I truly enjoy and value their product.


Spartan Races – Similar to Lifetime Fitness, i get my active on with some pretty fun races.  You couldn’t get me to run a half marathon normally, but put mud, obstacles, and throw some spears around and I’m down.  I’ve gotten four trifectas so far and will be working on my fifth this year.

OMQ-Beast-Mode-Spartan-Trifecta-medals (1)


RobinHood – A completely free trading platform that will give you a free stock just for signing up.  One share could be anything from Apple to Vereit which is what I received.  I can’t argue with free money and know few people who can.  If you sign up via the link you will get a free stock and I will as well.



**If you click on a link I may get a referral bonus.