Current Net Worth

This was a challenging post for me as at some point I may have someone who I work with run into this little corner of the internet and with how funny people are about money I don’t want it to get around the office.  This is my current net worth on May 4, 2017 with the trending from personal capital.

Overall Net Worth

Asset account values currently (5/4/17)

Cash – $28,479 – Emergency fund and cash that I have set aside should a market changing event transpire

Investment account – $51,336 – My road to early freedom

Road to freedom account

Rollover IRA – $79,685

Roth IRA – $101,075

Company Pension – $16,213 – Yes they actually still exist!

Company 401k – $121,089 – Yep I get to double dip it!

Prosper – $2,513 – Peer to Peer lending will not be going up anymore, Arizona doesn’t currently allow me to partake

2013 Lincoln MKZ – $20,000 – Depreciating asset, but one that is paid off

Condo – $120,000 – This is the squishy number in the equation as the market got hammer in the area of Chicago it’s in, but I have renters currently so not an issue.

Debt account values currently

Mortgage – $66,461

Credit Cards – $2,671 – Payment scheduled today so that will be gone tomorrow

All other debt – $0!