Historical Net Worth

This was a challenging post for me as at some point I may have someone who I work with run into this little corner of the internet and with how funny people are about money I don’t want it to get around the office. People are funny about working with someone who has a nice cushion in the bank.

Update: I’ve revamped this page to get rid of current net worth and change it to historical.  I realized that first it was not getting the attention it needed to update all of the graphs monthly and second that I should really have something that memorializes the journey more than I do currently.  So without further ado, here’s a look back in time:


January – $474.101

February – $457,023 – Not really a loss of assets, but I felt like my home value was over estimated so I reduced it by $30,000

March – $465,887

April – $473,082

May – $477,489

June – $484,988

July –

August –

September –

October –

November –

December –