Fun Blogs

1500 Days to Freedom – Mr. and Mrs. 1500 have been a fantastic read and they just accomplished their goals in 2/17.  I particularly like Mr.’s writing style and appreciate the Thursday rants when he posts them as it’s a nice s of pace from the financial reads on the blog as well.

$25,000 Dividends – A nice twist of the Canadian variety, I like to see how the other people of the world are working towards early FI.

Captain Dividend – I enjoy the blog and the reading and it’s definitely is a fun read.  Besides who doesn’t like superheros these days?

Mr. Free At 33 – Formerly (RIP), has shifted from focusing on income and how to accumulate and grow it into more experiencing the joys and freedom that comes with having the ability to live within your means.  He still does post about stocks, but it’s much less frequent than it used to be.

Retire by 40 – This is the one that started it all for me as I just happened to stumble upon it one day and it really started to reshape my thinking in passive income.  Until that point I basically invested like a normal person and not with the purpose of retiring early.  Joe is currently living the dream and working on his terms raising his son full time.

Dividend Driven – Thanks Dividend Driven for adding me to your blog roll.  For those of you who want a cool feature that I like check out the leader board of some of the more popular financial freedom bloggers out there.  I’m not fully updated yet, but it appears on his list I’m tracking at number 25 at this point on May 4, 2017.  Really cool and inspirational for those of us who like to compare to others.