I’ll update this as my journey evolves:

2017 Goals:

  • To earn $6500 in dividend passive income
    • Increasing to $7000, $6500 is too low for me not to hit.
  • To reduce my mortgage by $10,000 or approximately 14%  of the outstanding principle on my rental property
  • To complete my Fifth Spartan Trifecta

    • Arizona Sprint  – Top 7% of the open group even though I was sick
    • Chicago Super  – Top 10% despite the fact I had a fever of 101.5 the three days before and ran super congested.
    • ?? Beast
  • To achieve a 40% saved income rate

  • Take another vacation to a foreign country.

Overall Goals:

  • Have 100 views in a day
  • Acquire one follower of the blog
  • Have 1000 views in a month